FOREX Derivatives

Foreign Exchange market derivatives - commonly known as Forex options, FX option, or currency option. It deals with currency and it is the most liquid market.

The FX option is a type of derivatives market or financial instrument where the underlying security depends on the increase and decrease of the value of a certain currency in relation to another currency. With this, the owner has the right to exchange his money to another currency at a certain condition over a specific period of time.

This form of derivatives market is the largest and most liquid option that is known to the world today. As mentioned earlier, there are two categories of the derivatives market, the over-the-counter and exchange traded. As for the FX option, the biggest chunk of its transactions that are traded falls under the category of over-the-counter market. Because of this, it is treated lightly and has minimal regulations. As for its remaining parts, it is done through exchange trade through the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, International Securities Exchange, and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The entirety of the exchange trade value of the FX option is controlled and regulated by the Bank for International Settlement. As of 2005, the value of this derivatives market has reached $158,300Billion. 

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