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European Option

Unlike the American option, this option style can only be exercised when the asset reaches its maturity which is at the end of the contract. At the same time, this option style also differentiates from the American option in the sense that is exchanged over-the-counter while the American option has standardized exchanges and is being controlled by exchange authorities or regulating boards. Due to their great differences, the European option tends to offer a discount that can be compared to American option. If the owner of a certain European option does not want to wait until his asset expires, he can instead sell it to close the position.

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free financial tools for determening derivative pricing and value onlne using black scholes option pricing method for bond, swap, greeks, interest rate.

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Pricing Models

Methods used for the asset valueation varry from Binomial model, forward, futures, FRA, warrant, implied volatility to exotics like delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho

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