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Barrier Option

The barrier options are part of the vanilla option, which can either be a vanilla call or vanilla put that are activated or cancelled due to a certain barrier. There are three different terms used in this option style. These terms come in combination and can create a total of 8.

Up/Down – there are two sorts of barrier options which can be either below or above the current price of the underlying asset;

  • In/Out – terms that are used to either activate (in) or cancel (out) a certain undertaking in relation to the barrier; and Call/Put


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free financial tools for determening derivative pricing and value onlne using black scholes option pricing method for bond, swap, greeks, interest rate.

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Pricing Models

Methods used for the asset valueation varry from Binomial model, forward, futures, FRA, warrant, implied volatility to exotics like delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho

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